About This Blog

I treat this blog like a museum of my life which I curate. All content you see here has been tailored for public consumption; things I consider too personal are either privately published, password protected or not even online at all.

I try to maintain the quality of my own content at all times, which is why there are so few posts since 2007; I’ve removed many of the posts containing my juvenile and unentertaining drivel that only my mum would enjoy.

As a devout Christian you will find me occasionally including Christian viewpoints and sources in my posts; some posts may even be all about Christian issues. You can’t separate your life from your religion when you truly believe in it. All the same, I also believe that this blog is meant for general consumption and not simply for a Christian audience, so I won’t blog a lot of Christian posts; most personal spiritual revelations will remain offline in the pages of my journal. This isn’t a Christian blog, after all.

This blog is also a platform for me to express myself creatively. I decided early on when I moved to this url that I would not concern myself with pageviews and maintaining readership by updating frequently – although that would be nice. Attempting to do so in the past led to tiring of blogging and I would take long hiatuses from writing, which isn’t the point in my opinion. So now I blog only when inspiration strikes or I feel like doing so; you may find me not updating for a week, or there may be a spate of posts in three days. If you want to follow my blog, I would recommend either subscribing by email (button on the front page), or by RSS so you receive everything I get.

Do peruse the archives; I’ve made it easy to find older stuff. There are some gems in there.