A Story About Stories

In the setting sun, the men and women were returning from the hunt. Meanwhile, in a cave next to the village, it was customary that as the sun set behind the mountains, the village storyteller would light a small fire, and all the children would come running in, eagerly anticipating the story that night. The … Continue reading A Story About Stories


The car was almost done refueling. Aron's breath was misting on the inside of my oxygen mask. He turned turned back to see his daughter, Jill, gesticulating wildly in a direction away from the car. He turned his eyes to where she was pointing, and cursed. "Zombies!" He frantically returned the fuel nozzle back to … Continue reading Breathless

I’m Looking Through You

Robert's fingers drummed the edge of the table impatiently. Ta-dadupdupdup. Tadadupdupdup. An acoustic version of 'I'm Looking Through You' was playing softly and slightly crackly through the speakers. It was the third acoustic Beatles' song that Robert had heard that night; the owner was obviously a Beatles fan. I'm looking through you, where did you … Continue reading I’m Looking Through You

The Man With The Truth on His Face

Sycamore took a swig of her beer. "Hey Syc, how was the presentation?" asked her friend Elsie, her boyfriend Carlton's arm wrapped around her shoulder. "It was terrible," she groaned as she thought about it. "Let's talk about something else." She took another swig. "Check out that man over there, in the corner of the … Continue reading The Man With The Truth on His Face

The Month of Apocalypse is Over

That's it. I've written fifteen stories related to the end of the world, as per our agreement. Admittedly there were delays and I've ended this project two weeks later than expected. Real-life commitments demanded more from me than I thought. And sometimes, I just didn't feel like writing. This past month has been kind of … Continue reading The Month of Apocalypse is Over

Month of Apocalypse Day 15: Let’s Go Back And Try Again

Dirk Sanders ran into his dad's laboratory. "Dad, is the time machine finally working?" he asked excitedly. Dr. William Sanders turned around. "The boxes of methane you found for me last week were a great help! We finally have enough energy to send one person back in time by thirty years maximum," said Dr. Sanders … Continue reading Month of Apocalypse Day 15: Let’s Go Back And Try Again