Movie Review: The Red Turtle


“There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.” ― Ralph H. Blum Have you ever seen those videos where a camera pulls out from a person, expanding to view the whole house, town, city, country, then earth, solar system, galaxy, universe - creating a sense of human smallness and powerlessness? The … Continue reading Movie Review: The Red Turtle

‘Your Name’ is the best movie of 2016


Your Name ( 君の名は。) is the best movie I've watched all year. And I don't have to watch Moana or Fantastic Beasts to know that this is the best one I'll watch before the end of 2016. I didn't think it would be popular, but the theatre I watched it at (a small one at … Continue reading ‘Your Name’ is the best movie of 2016

Movie Review: Short Term 12

I wrote a movie review of Short Term 12 starring Brie Larson. Really moving film.

The Cinnamon Roll

By Benjamin Ho

It is quite fitting that the Perspectives Film Festival’s opening film is one that emphasises learning to see a person’s life through their own eyes. Short Term 12 depicts a temporary home for troubled teenagers, exploring life in their shoes as well as life in the shoes of the twentysomething staff who run the home. Director Destin Daniel Cretton’s second feature-length film after I Am Not A Hipster, Short Term 12 was inspired by his experiences in a group facility for teenagers.

The film chooses to use a cold open, leaving you guessing as to the exact nature of the home for a while. Cretton’s modus operandi for your discovery of the world of Short Term 12 is through mostly showing and a bit of telling – snippets of conversation between kids and the staff, and around-the-door camera angles that seem to put you in the eyes of a new worker…

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Green Lantern: Kung Fu Panda with Rings

As a fan of the Green Lantern comic, I was quite disappointed with how the movie turned out. They amended the origin of Parallax, the character development was half-baked, and the setpieces were almost B-movie in style. It really disappointed not because it was bad thoroughly, but because it started out so promisingly, that you … Continue reading Green Lantern: Kung Fu Panda with Rings

Where the Wild Things Are

I had been looking forward to Where the Wild Things Are since I saw the trailer (and heard the accompanying awesome Arcade Fire song) on, but it wasn't brought to Singapore theatres. The local distributors probably felt its style wasn't suitable for the mainstream Singaporean audience. I was disappointed, but I was pleased when … Continue reading Where the Wild Things Are