The Precious University Summer, or: 10 Better Things To Do Instead of Rag

I woke up this morning to this announcement in the Facebook group for my faculty: "Hey what are you doing in summer?" Have you been asked this question lately? Wondering what to do for summer? Why not join USP Rag 2016! Just come down and have fun this summer, working together with freshies as well in … Continue reading The Precious University Summer, or: 10 Better Things To Do Instead of Rag

Care About The Things That Matter

Care about the things that matter, don't care about the things that don't. There are some things not worth caring about at all, and some things that you should care about with all your being. I stumbled upon this blog post titled: The Complete Guide to not Giving A F***. I don't agree with every single … Continue reading Care About The Things That Matter

The Pointlessness of Earth Hour

Earth Hour is into its 5th year, and still a pointless exercise in trying to promote environmentalism. I wrote a blog entry 2 years ago about how useless Earth Hour is, and Ben Jervey from GOOD has just written a succinct article on why participating in Earth Hour today is futile, and why he would not be … Continue reading The Pointlessness of Earth Hour


The world is dying. Today is 11 March 2011.  At approximately 3pm, an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on the Richter scale hit Japan, causing widespread destruction as fires were ignited and houses collapsed. The earthquake which originated off the northeast coast generated an equally devastating tsunami that consumed coastal villages, swept cars into the sea … Continue reading Reality


Death is something we encounter everyday. When people die in car accidents or catastrophic natural disasters. We tend to avoid thinking about death, despite its ubiquity in this world of mortal creatures. There are better things to think about everyday, right? I used to think that way. Being Christian has made death a less scary … Continue reading Mortality

Dearth Hour

I love the environment. I hate to see it hurt like it's hurting now. I like the idea of not wasting energy. In fact, I would like to think I am more environmentally conscious than the next person. But I'm not going to switch off my lights for 1 hour tonight. Why? Because I think 'Earth Hour' is a joke. Why do I think it's a joke? Read on.