The Precious University Summer, or: 10 Better Things To Do Instead of Rag

I woke up this morning to this announcement in the Facebook group for my faculty: "Hey what are you doing in summer?" Have you been asked this question lately? Wondering what to do for summer? Why not join USP Rag 2016! Just come down and have fun this summer, working together with freshies as well in … Continue reading The Precious University Summer, or: 10 Better Things To Do Instead of Rag

On the Viability of Going Vegetarian

My 21-day vegetarian challenge ended last Sunday. And based on my experiences, I've decided that I can't be a vegetarian. It wasn't too hard at first. During lunch breaks at work, I would simply eat from the mixed dishes and rice stalls - Chinese, Malay, and Indian. It was good enough. For dinner at home, … Continue reading On the Viability of Going Vegetarian

21 Days Without Meat

I've been vegetarian for a week now. What? I thought you only swore off beef when this year began. Yeah, that's true, but starting last Monday, I took up the Vegetarian Society Singapore's 21-Day Veg Buddy Program to see if I could tahan 21 days without meat. It was actually supposed to start last Saturday but I … Continue reading 21 Days Without Meat

Victoria, Australia

I went to the state of Victoria in Australia from 12 to 24 June. The day we decided to leave, all flights into Melbourne were suspended due to a volcanic ash cloud from Chile. It initially threw a spanner into our plans, but we flew to Sydney first instead and had quite a good night … Continue reading Victoria, Australia

Care About The Things That Matter

Care about the things that matter, don't care about the things that don't. There are some things not worth caring about at all, and some things that you should care about with all your being. I stumbled upon this blog post titled: The Complete Guide to not Giving A F***. I don't agree with every single … Continue reading Care About The Things That Matter

Akira Kurosawa

I went to the National Museum of Singapore twice in the past week to watch five movies from Akira Kurosawa's veritable body of work - one on Wednesday and four on Saturday. NSM had been screening Akira Kurosawa films since 18 April until 30 April. I read about it in the newspaper on the day the … Continue reading Akira Kurosawa