Religious Environmentalism in Singapore: An Overview

Please note that this essay was first written in 2013, and things might have changed since then. Not sure why I didn’t upload it then, but a friend just told me he needs it published so he can cite it. Apparently doing it on a blog is fine.


Religious situations and environmentalisms differ from country to country. This essay considers how religious environmentalism would be like in Singapore, a multi-religious, politically secular state, as well as the role religion could play in the environmental movement in Singapore. This essay also includes case studies of religious environmentalism in a few of the major religions in Singapore: Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and the small but actively environmental Baha’i. An analysis of the religious environmental landscape indicates that the religious engagement with environmentalism tends to range from general indifference to small pockets of nascent activity, which could be due to the level of organisation and cohesion within each religious bloc. The essay concludes with suggestions to how religious environmentalism in Singapore can move forward.

Read the paper here.

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