To Lend or Not To Lend, That is the Question (via Boston Book Bums)

I like to lend friends books so I can share with them the joy I’ve got from reading books that simply delight.

Whether they can take care of it, is always a valid concern. Which is why I’ve taken to wrapping all my book softcovers in plastic if I will be carrying it around or lending it to a friend so I won’t have to fear that it becomes a sorry, dilapidated mess.

So three simple rules for me:
1. Wrap your book covers in plastic first.
2. Only lend a book to a friend you can trust to take care of it. Preferably, a book lover.
3. Be generous!

This week’s question left a little scar on our psyche. It reminded us of a bad moment in book history and provoked a spirited conversation about generosity or miserliness. Simply, do you let people borrow books? Do you let anyone, friends or lovers, borrow books? Or do you confine certain books to a mental cabinet of untouchables that no one but you is allowed to read? Before lending a book do you note how friends or loved ones handle books, weig … Read More

via Boston Book Bums

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