I went to the Switchfoot concert last night at Rock Auditorium in Suntec City, and it was nothing short of amazing! The atmosphere was electrifying, they performed most of their popular songs, and everyone had a great time rocking out.

The evening started out with an Australian band, Calling for Levi. Their style of music was reminiscent of Anberlin, and didn’t really appeal to me. Great Spy Experiment, one of the better rock bands on the local scene, took the stage next, and they were good! They gained a new fan that night.

When Great Spy Experiment was done, everyone was restless waiting for the main act to take the stage. But when they finally did, it made all the waiting worth it.

Jon Foreman walked into the audience not once, but twice! Every time he did he would be crushed from all sides by throngs of fans, eager to touch his hand and meet his eyes. And thanks to my privileged position near the front, I managed to get a very, very close glimpse of him. Not once, though, did he lose his cool or his voice falter; the performance was impeccable throughout.

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For my very first paid rock concert, I think I got my money’s worth. Thank you Switchfoot, for giving me such a great time.

P.S. I filmed down their last song for that night, Dare You To Move:

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