The Month of Apocalypse is Over

That’s it. I’ve written fifteen stories related to the end of the world, as per our agreement. Admittedly there were delays and I’ve ended this project two weeks later than expected. Real-life commitments demanded more from me than I thought. And sometimes, I just didn’t feel like writing.

This past month has been kind of a foretaste of the kind of commitment I will need if I am really going to plunge headfirst into writing books. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and I’ve read about how writers usually commit a couple of a hours each day, just to write. Could I do that? It wasn’t always easy putting down words if I didn’t feel like it would come to a conclusion. Would I have the patience with myself to sit down and write a full-length novel? I think I will try it one day, although I don’t know when.

If you’re wondering why a ‘Month of Apocalypse’ only has fifteen days, it’s because the ‘month’ was meant to refer to the time duration of this project, not the number of stories. That said, if I ever want to market this, it’s going to be weird selling only fifteen stories. I guess if I ever come up with more ideas, I could add it to this collection until I make it up to thirty. Or twenty-eight, if the month of apocalypse were in February. Or twenty-nine, if it were February in a leap-year. But everything in its own time.

I’ve got some positive feedback from a few friends who have read my stories, which has been heartwarming to say in the least. But I do yearn not only for praises but also constructive criticism. I’m no Kurt Vonnegut so I need people to point out where I could have improved or which part of my writing needs some work. Feel free to comment honestly about the stories you have read in their respective comments sections. Tell me if there is a better way to express something, any grammar mistakes you spot, or even suggest better story titles. I am open to anything that can help me improve my stories.

Here’s a full list of all fifteen stories in order:

  1. Zombie Mart
  2. Supervirus
  3. Nuclear
  4. Our Masters The Cyclopians
  5. The End Times
  6. Le Géant (The Giant)
  7. Republic
  8. Here Comes The Sun
  9. Foster’s Steaks (previously ‘A Change in Taste’)
  10. Cruise To Nowhere
  11. Pre-Emptive Measures
  12. The Word
  13. Will The World End Tonight?
  14. The Last House
  15. Let’s Go Back And Try Again

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