The Pointlessness of Earth Hour

Earth Hour is into its 5th year, and still a pointless exercise in trying to promote environmentalism.

I wrote a blog entry 2 years ago about how useless Earth Hour is, and Ben Jervey from GOOD has just written a succinct article on why participating in Earth Hour today is futile, and why he would not be participating either. Companies and places that say they are participating in Earth Hour are simply using the green agenda to garner some PR. As for individuals…they’re probably misguided.

Seriously, switching off your lights for an hour isn’t going to leave any significant impact. What we need isn’t an hour for the Earth. What we need is a lifestyle for the Earth; Earth Life.

So don’t switch off your lights if you’re using them tonight. Your child still needs to do his homework.

"Switch off your lights for an hour...and help stop global warming." Um, untrue much?

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