Blind Photographer – Not an Oxymoron

I normally share cool stuff with friends through Facebook and Twitter, but this is something I would like to share with the world in general, because all of us definitely have something to learn from a photographer who cannot see.

Cynic:  “Being a blind photographer is easy. If I were blind, I would just hold a camera and press the shutter button whenever I like.”

Shut up, cynic. To clarify, he takes good photographs, and he lives like a person who can see: making bread, repairing his motorcycle, etc. and this video commemorates his winning an international photography competition.

I talk too much; watch the video.

2 thoughts on “Blind Photographer – Not an Oxymoron

    1. Hi tinkerbelle86,

      No I haven’t. From you email you’re from the UK? I’m from Singapore so obviously we don’t share TV ads.

      If you have a Youtube link I wouldn’t mind checking it out. :)

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