Potato Cuisine

There were two potatoes left over in the fridge from the potato salad I had prepared for a tribe event (the cluster grouping system in my youth ministry), and my mum encouraged me to use them for my meals today since I’m alone at home today with no plans to go out.

For breakfast, I wondered, what kind of breakfast would incorporate potatoes? I didn’t have the gumption to make hash browns, so I did the next best thing: I cooked scrambled eggs and ate diced potatoes along with it.

I’ve had plenty of experience cooking scrambled eggs in NS (my colleagues will know why), and they have been quite well-lauded by those who gave it a taste. However, I am normally deprived of common scrambled egg accoutrements such as milk and cheese, only some cooking oil to lubricate the pan.

Yet, when cooking today’s eggs, I learnt that just because you have milk, doesn’t meet you should use it in liberal amounts. I added too much, I’m afraid, resulting in a rather dilute taste that didn’t have the lovely rich taste of yolk. The pan also wasn’t hot enough a the beginning, which meant I was unable to obtain the perfect scrambled egg cocoon of well-done outside, runny inside. It was just soft all the way.

But it does LOOK good, doesn't it?

I had one a half remaining potatoes left. On a whim, I cut the half-potato into slices and tried toasting them to see if I could make potato chips. 3 times 5 minutes proved long enough to crisp the potato but still allow some juiciness to be retained. So I cut the other potato and chucked it in the toaster oven for 15 minutes.

When it was lunch, I put it all on a plate and ate it with mayonnaise and mustard. I learnt those two creams go well with fried potatoes from my experiences eating rosti. And it was really good!


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