Book Wrapping

I spent the morning wrapping three books. Not with wrapping paper, but clear plastic paper to protect the fragile softcover books, as the name implies. One is to become a gift, the second was a gift to me, and the third is the graphic novel V for Vendetta that I am going to lend Pam, in return for Watchmen which she will be lending me. *glee*

So I take my time with each one, cutting the right amount of plastic sheet off the roll, putting the book squarely in the middle, and starting with the back cover, folding a portion of plastic over it. Then, once I am satisfied with the alignment, I use my fingernails to sharpen the fold. I must not push my fingernail against, but rather along the plastic, otherwise I will poke notches, which I accidentally do a few times. Once a book is wrapped, and the plastic sticking out at the spine is cut, I put it under a heavy book, e.g. the World Book Dictionary, A-K, for a few days, and the plastic is flattened and doesn’t require tape to stay on the book.

I’ve done this countless times with softcover books which I own and want to bring around, textbooks, and also sometimes as token of thanks to those who lend me softcover books.  It’s an activity I can’t really call a pastime or hobby, but it’s something that requires precision but not too much concentration, allowing me to contemplate other things while my fingers go back and forth along the fold.

Yeah, I’m a real bookie.

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