Time to Get Out

As I type this entry while doing duty in camp, I am struck by the realization that I am barely 5 months away from the end of my National Service. I have spent almost 17 months serving my country that I have almost forgotten what it’s like to be a civilian, to have no responsibilities other than to my own interests.

Perhaps this is too early to ruminate about my army life. The ORD post will inevitably come. But having sometimes treated time as a cheap commodity to be whiled away in army so time could pass faster and the end arrive earlier, perhaps it’s time I started to shear off my time-wasting habits and begin using every day preciously, doing the things I need to do and love to do, instead of the things that bored people do. Because there’s so much out there that it’s impossible to be bored.

When a Korean friend I met at the International Christian Youth Conference which I attended in July (I did not write a blog post for the event, sadly) came to Singapore last Wednesday, I, and some of our mutual friends, brought him around, to experience Singapore. And the funny thing is, I realized how little I have experienced Singapore myself.

I saw the inside of Marina Bay Sands and went to the top of the Skypark to see the magnificent panoramic view of the Bay. I entered the Singapore Arts Museum for the first time I could remember, and marvelled not only at Chong Soo Pieng‘s large body of art, but also that I never knew entry was free for NSFs. What have I been missing? What other benefits do NSFs have that I have been missing?

And what other facets of Singapore have I been missing, as I spend my Saturdays at home trying to tidy my room, but sometimes end up reading comics, getting lost in a fictional world, when sometimes the real world isn’t as drab as fantasy would make it out to be. In fact, reality is simply wonderful.

I spent last Saturday with that Korean friend at Underwater World. To see stingrays, dolphins, jellyfish, sharks, unicorn fish face-to-face, for real…most of us would gasp at the CGI-ed wonders of Pandora in Avatar, while some of us are awed by nature documentaries or the vivid spreads in National Geographic. But to see God’s creation in real life, right in front of me with my own eyes, is the best experience of all.

There are mountains to climb, places to visit, forests to explore, highways to drive, trails to run, people to meet, food to eat, and journeys to make.

There’s so much in the world to experience.  I need to get out more.

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