Bohemian Phase

Recently, I’ve been trying out a lot of new things and liking quite a few of them.

A few weeks ago, I tried Heineken when I was with friends at Timbre and liked the dry, springwater taste. Another beer to add to the list of beers I like (which only lists Hoegaarden). Yay ex-teetotaler me!

My musical inclinations have also started to veer towards the sidestream, e.g. Sondre Lerche and Arcade Fire. And even when I listen to mainstream music, it’s slowed down 800 per cent. OK, I kid, I still listen to Taylor Swift. But then again, which real guy listens to Taylor Swift? So I guess I’m still an alternative guy… looks like my indie cred is preserved!

Last Wednesday, I spent the half hour waiting for Beverly to arrive at the airport so I could send her off drinking cafe au lait at Coffee Bean and unwinding under the influence of caffeine. It felt so good; I’ve been so tightly wound up for months now. And unlike alcohol, I don’t need to make a list of caffeinated beverages I like. Why pay a $25 cover fee to get embarrassed in club and ruin future job prospects when your unglam photos surface on Facebook, when 6 dollars gets me a fragrant aromatic drink and if I’m lucky, a sofa?

On Saturday, I attempted to run barefoot in Pasir Ris Park for a few hundred metres before my forefeet started to develop blisters. I should have listened to‘s advice and started on softer surfaces first instead of going straight onto pavement. My calves have been aching, but in a good way. My legs have never felt so ‘worked out’ after a run. Maybe I’ll get Nike Free shoes or those odd-looking Vibram Fivefingers.

Yeah, they do look weird...

And in other news, I am considering getting the new Amazon Kindle via one of my friends in America. The review is good, but the question is, do I actually need an electronic book reader when I still have real books still sitting unread on my shelf? And there’s the question of which is more environmentally friendly. Sure, e-readers save paper but what is the carbon cost of manufacturing it? A infographic I saw on GOOD makes the comparison simple:

So I'll need to download more than 20 books to make it worthwhile.

An acquired taste for beer, coffee, offbeat music, barefoot running and ebook readers…the signs are obvious.

I am becoming a hippie!

Soon I’ll be turning vegan and wearing the Threadless shirt that my brother just ordered. Okay, the former is too difficult; I’ll support veganism by eating vegan animals. Wait, that isn’t vegan

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