Carpe Anno, 2010!

Why haven’t I posted for one and a half months? Laziness, I guess. Before, I could attribute it to a busy army life, but now that I am in a vocation that allows me to go home every night (like a conventional day job), this lack of blogging regularity can only be due to mental inertia. Everytime I log on to a computer these days, when I ask myself, should I post something new? I just say, ‘nah!’.

This changes from tomorrow onwards, coincidentally next year. Which, by the way, is not the next decade, which only starts in 2011.

Tonight, I will be doing something most people wouldn’t do: sleeping into 2010. That’s really boring, you might say. But I feel that as much as a new year can represent new beginnings, I want to treat it like any other day, not a reason that I must stay up late for.

The day marking the new year is arbitrary, after all. If a year consisted of 366 days, we would be celebrating this on an entirely different day. It doesn’t matter. To me, at least.

I will miss 2009. So much has happened, and I’ve grown a lot.

The first 4 months of the year was spent at TRACKERS. 1 month of 9-5 learning, 1 month of prep for and the mission trip itself, and 1 more month of 9-5 internship at a welfare centre. TRACKERS was where I really learned about God, and made friends, some of whom I count as among the closest to me, and can trust most. Spiritual growth.

The amazing people I went Laos with, Matthew, Zheng Kang, Judy, Michael, PKM, Beverly, Leon, Tiffany, and Rachel
More amazing people from TRACKERS

Then, on that fateful day, April 14th, I enlisted into National Service. Getting accustomed to military life was rough in the beginning, and perhaps, looking back, I perceived it as tougher than it actually was, but it was challenging. However,  it caused me to become much, much fitter than ever before. Physical growth. And also mental growth, where I learned to overcome imaginary limits to my physical ability. From zero to 8 pullups now. From 12:30 to 10min for a 2.4km run; I have gotten much fitter, more muscular, and healthier. NS also was another ground for making friends. I admit, I wasn’t really gregarious in the army, taking a while to befriend people with different (sometimes really different) mindsets and views about things. In the end, I did make some good friends in the army, buddies I quarrelled with but in the end knew I could depend on, people whom I hated at first but grew to like, and dudes who cracked me up and made the downtime enjoyable.

BSLC Kilo Pl 2!

And everytime I passed out from a course, the sense of satisfaction at finishing and surviving the arduous training that we undergo is so rewarding.

Fresh privates out of BMT!
Passing out as 3rd Sergeants together! Me, Darren my BSLC buddy, and McCholas, the man who was always in my section. Until recently. :(

I’ve also picked up many new things the past year. I bought a new bike, tried to swin regularly, and began reading and appreciating the medium of literature called comic books.

So many great things happened: My A level results rocked, and I got into the course of my choice at NUS, together with a bond-free scholarship and a place in their University Scholar’s Programme.

A few of the major bad events in the past year: my bag containing my cellphone, iPod, and wallet got stolen at Sentosa, and a friend passed away.

Entering into the new year, with a new vocation as an Ops Spec, a new working environment, and more time for my personal life, 2010 will be a year full of trials (optimistically, learning opportunities), and unforeseen calamities. Yet, many good things will happen, just like the past year. The next year will be no different.

Goodnight world, as you stay up til midnight to count down to the new year. Me? I will either be asleep, or reading in bed, so that tomorrow, I start 2010 fresh-faced and ready. Carpe Anno!

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, folks.

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