I’ve started to frequent the comic book section of Pasir Ris Library during the weekend, and despite the small range and lack of big titles – No Watchmen! No Dark Knight Returns! – it forced me to pick up obscure titles I wouldn’t normally pick, and boy, am I glad I did.

Yesterday, holed up in the library while it rained outside, I just tried reading the first few pages of this series called Planetary, and from a ‘OK, a check out the first few pages to see if it’s any good’ – ended up with me devouring the first two volumes. It’s that good, and it’s so different from the normal superhero novel without actually straying away from being an actual graphic novel about superpowered humans.

The series is about an organisation called Planetary, who dub themselves ‘archaeologists of the impossible’; they go around the world investigating strange stuff. Not to say Planetary itself isn’t strange. It consists primarily of four (powered) people: 3 field operatives and the ‘fourth man’, the anonymous rich guy who funds everything they do. The first issue starts with Planetary operative Jakita Wagner recruiting a lone man in a diner, Elijah Snow, to join Planetary. Several frames on, we meet The Drummer, whose power, oddly enough, has nothing to do with drumming.

From then on, the team encounter immortals, giant monsters, multiverse-crossing ships – the range of strange is endless. Later on, even Victorian characters get into the picture.

I borrowed volume 3 and the crossovers volume to read in camp, and I ended up finishing it last night.

Awesome stuff.

Jakita Wagner, Elijah Snow, the Drummer
Jakita Wagner, Elijah Snow, the Drummer

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