Goodbye, civilian world!

In this 1 week, I’ve done so much.

Living the life I love. It started discomfortingly with too much time at home, doing generally pointless things like Facebook games, notably Crazy Planets. I can’t believe how I’m so easily sucked into games with not that much entertainment value for 3 hours straight. It’s unbecoming of an aspiring househusband cum writer to waste 3 HOURS on a FLASH GAME! Can’t I at least play Team Fortress 2?

Can’t, cause my com is not functional, specifically the fan belt. But being the lazy bum I am, I haven’t taken any steps, despite longing to, to make a computer instead since you can make one with higher specs and cheaper than if I just bought it from a store.

This week wasn’t totally wasted, though.

Tuesday, some friends from MJsailing invited me to see this exhibition at some warehouse near Harbourfront to see the Straits Times’ 7.59 exhibition. I had seen quite a few of the pictures in the daily papers. They weren’t all that awe-inspiring though; not all the photography was well-done, but most were poignant reminders that life in Singapore is not as dull or humdrum as we sometimes like to make it out to be.

Out of curiosity, since our group had stumbled upon it earlier, we visited the adjacent art exhibition in the same warehouse, called ‘the Air-Conditioned Recession’.

Quite a number of artpieces were thought-provoking in their analyses of various facets of Singapore. One large piece on a wall consisted of many blown-up photographs of messy food, taken in an intentionally grotesque, yet simultaneously (uncomfortably) alluring way, fittingly titled ‘Food Porn’. I believe it questions Singapore’s boast as a food hub, perhaps making the unspoken statement that just because we have lots of food, does not mean it’s all good.

The artwork you see in the exhibition poster is the kind of modern art I like: not some silly piece that is randomly streaked with paint that purports to have meaning, but actually requires effort that is evident in the product. The artist had painstakingly, using a very thin drawing implement to draw on the inner surface of the petri dish. The drawings, more easily viewed with a magnifying glass, show people at work, at home, in a lift, doing normal everyday routines in life. It made me feel like God studying the lives of lower beings.

Of course, there was inane ‘art’ in there as well: a fast-forwarded video of some cross-legged, half-naked joker wearing a bandana opening Maggi Mee packs, stacking the noodles, and putting the seasoning into a glass before consuming all of the powder with water. For a something so meaningless, it wasn’t even done with effort; the video skipped some sequences of the noodle stacking. I presume he needed the toilet breaks.

I also went Iluma and Ion Orchard with ex-classmates this week. The latter was quite empty on a weekday, so it was pleasant walking around. I feel Ion is overhyped, though, it’s mostly clothes. I admit clothes don’t really attract me at this point in my life when I only wear civvies 2 days a week.

Also managed to catch GI Joe (finally!) with some friends the past Friday! It was like a Saturday morning action cartoon made live-action (or should I say, with CGI), on a big budget, thus more impressive explosions, WMDs, jet planes, etc., that what you’ll normally see in, say, Kim Possible. Although there were major plotholes, and one science-defying scene of ice sinking, otherwise I have no objections to a very entertaining, if un-complicated, movie.

Oh yes. After the movie, I couldn’t stop imitating the villain’s Scottish accent. It tickles me.

And also Duke’s statement, when Ripcord’s trying to persuade him to join the airforce with him: “I don’t want to be above the battle, I want to be in the battle, fighting on the ground.” Haha, he should go ASLC, was my first thought.

Storm Shadow, the coolest baddie in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra

Come Saturday, I had a nice picnic with some Trackers at East Coast park. I tried to fly a kite. It was getting higher and higher, when in suddenly swooped down and got stuck in the trees. Just like that, I lost $4.50, enough to a McDonald’s meal from 12 to 3pm. :( But I managed to meet the OCTs whom I haven’t seen in ages, and that was good. Also, Jon Chan introed me to this lovely song, which sounded very familiar, but I couldn’t put a finger on where I’ve heard it before. I’m currently quite entranced by it.

Evening, we went to the airport to see beloved friends Beverly and Annabel off.  Terminal 3 was swamped with what seemed  like everyone they knew: from church, school, and who-knows where else. The place was packed. I only regretfully managed to have a few incomplete conversations with Beverly before it was time for her to board.

So the week ends. I don’t feel like I’m booking into camp tomorrow. But I know when my army life has got back into full swing, this week will seem like a dream I had long ago.

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