tableaux heliographer

Found some rather surreal spam in my inbox the other day, titled ‘tableaux heliographer’.

Peetka grunted and shook his head. Did they think and suddenly
proceeded onwards, o king! And addressing mist when at last
he climbed the second great o vishnu, that art a boat unto
them that are plunged place between those two elephants
of fierce forms said, ‘there is nothing, o child, in this
world my offices are to be ta’ne away and if i did but rallied
and came back. Then, o monarch, a battle progress of the
race. To deliver man from the o thou of great intelligence,
many discourses we need to wash in, and we cannot row on
the campus. Great difficulty was the steering but it was

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to. Maybe it’s from some Hindu holy text…

I’ve been meaning to do a tribute post to the lovely CCA I’ve just stepped down from, but due to time constraints that will have to be delayed.

Now, enjoy one of my current Coldplay fixations.

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