I skipped school today to go for my NS Medical Screening at CMPB at Bukit Merah, which I haven’t the foggiest idea is, relative to other places. I only know it’s supposed to be red with blood spilt from a courageous young boy who was wrongly murdered by a sultan jealous of his grassroots popularity, which was the result of his saving indigenous Singaporeans from murderous swordfish, but apparently the Government did not consider the legendary hill a heritage site and proceeded to pave over the crimson soil to build a manpower centre responsible for placing young boys in mortal danger at the expense of the defense of our homeland.

I think I spot some irony in there…

Irony is currently something I am becoming very attuned to, after Dr. Saradetch mentions the word and its examples at least twenty times every lit. lecture; Pride and Prejudice is probably one of the richest sources of irony in British literature. Then again, irony is one of the few things the British definitely don’t lack. I’m quite sure they colonised the free world in the 18th century to set up the excuse of an empire that is the ‘Commonwealth’, in order to rope us in as eager participants of the Man Booker Prize, then proceed to literary victory via their superior skills of irony-dispensing.

Other than missing school (hurray!) I missed my school’s ultimate soccer match with VJC (which my brother is missing too, since we went for the checkup together), so I really don’t know who won. Although I don’t really care if MJC whips VJC in soccer. I just want to be able to whip VJC in sailing this year (although that is very unlikely).

After the medical screening, I am apparently robust enough to be categorised PES A, which means I have the physiological powers of an evolved human. Interesting, since I always thought I was one of the weaker physical specimens of the human race. Then again, I do try get silver for NAPFA (and got gold in the process. Ha!). I mean, my back seems to keep creaking all the time. And like Citi, my back ‘never sleeps’.

I finally managed to watch Iron Man last Wednesday, and it is one of the best movies I’ve watched in a long time. I really am a sucker for superhero movies with marvellous CGI graphics than contain fantastic mechatrons.

Sadly, to watch that movie, I had to miss local TV’s screening of an Indiana Jones movie a second Wednesday in a row. At least I didn’t miss today’s Indy flick, The Last Crusade. Although I think I’ve seen it before, because I could predict that Indiana Jones and Elsa Schneider would emerge out of a manhole in Venice.

I’m also quite happy that I get to stay at home to do e-learning for the rest of the week, although I still consider e-learning an academic conspiracy which makes you do more work than you would have done of you had attended school, and IVLE is always buggy anyways. And not to mention, Mac- and Firefox-unfriendly.

After spending some time resting and doing little work (I also watched 50 First Dates today BTW) I think my Mid-Year Exam revision begins tomorrow.

Wish me Discipline.

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