War Games

Ron watched intently as the Covenant Elite peeked out from behind a rock. With a few well-placed bursts of his plasma rifle, he brought the alien to the ground, blue blood splattering.

As his gun sizzled, he didn’t notice a cloaked Black Ops Elite sneak up from behind and slash Master Chief to the ground.


“Oh, snap!” groaned Ron, hurling his controller at the game console. That was the third time he failed to complete that checkpoint in 2 hours. “Legendary really is hard,” he muttered, picking up the controller and pressing ‘A’.

A tall, gangly youth burst in on his older brother’s frustration. “Ron, Mum wanted to tell you that Sgt. Jackson called.”

“Must be about my Pvt. mecha missing training again,” he groaned as he continued to slay Grunts with a battle rifle.

Jon stared at the monitor that Ron was playing his first-person shooter on. “I don’t understand why you like playing games on that Xbox so much,” he said to Ron. “You don’t even run the risk of dying, there’s no physical training, and controlling your mecha-soldier with the Microsoft DEFCON is almost like playing a 5-star IGN.com-rated computer game! If I were you, I’ll be darn psyched to be in the programme!”

“Training was getting boring,” Ron replied distractedly as he took out a Wraith with a rocket launcher.

“It wasn’t, until you bought that 360 from the second-hand junk store!” Jon retorted. “That old thing still uses analog controls, and the picture’s so grainy!” he continued as he jabbed the monitor.

“Stop it,” Jon said irritatedly as a few needles exploded in Master Chief’s armour, causing damage to the shields. “I’m playing, y’know.”

“Seriously, I really can’t wait to enter the army in two years’ time!” rambled Jon, half to himself. “I can’t believe I’ll be paid to have fun!”

“When you’re in the programme, you’ll wish you never joined,” Ron replied tersely. “Now, could you please leave me alone?”

“I still don’t see how you can have fun on that thing. It’s so darn retro.”

“It’s what Dad grew up with. It’s not that old. Besides, sometimes you want to take a break from taking orders.”

“Suit yourself.” Jon trooped out of the room.
Ron cleared an entire contingent with a frag grenade. It was nice being a one-man army for a change.

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