The Battle Is Yours

I may not cry
But that’s because my tears are dry.

I may not sob
But that’s because my heart’s been robbed.

I may resent
But there’s no way to vent.

I may feel in despair
But there’s no way out but up.


It’s all me and me against the odds.
While my phantom friends give empty nods.

Loss of Hope.
Gain of Pain.

Go to God,
Will He help?
You’ve asked so many times
but you hope it was not in vain.

Father, why have you left me behind?
Father, why do this to me?

Son, You may not seem to think things are going well for you,
but they are.
Just not in the way you expect.
For I have plans to give you a future and a hope.

Jesus, the battle is yours.

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